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Camille's Parents

Camille's design is based on the circle.
Likable, friendly, etc. That's the kind of vibe circles give off.

Well, Camille's parents aren't exactly the most likable of characters.
They don't go through any character growth and her mom is especially stoic.
So, I based them off the square.


Camille - Character Design Progress


Camille is the main character of a project I started back in my 2nd year at CCAD
for my Screenwriting and Design4Media classes. I wrote the story in Screenwriting and
designed the characters in D4M. It was a pretty sweet deal. Anyway, here's a look back:

1 year ago

5 months ago
1 month ago



So now I'm going back to this project and starting with Camille's design.
The other characters will soon follow.

I've been playing a lot with her face shape and decided on the oval.
Then I played with eyes, eyebrows, etc. and placement.

I looked at thesartorialist for endless clothing choices.

Until next time. See ya!