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4.16.14 - Cafe Sketch - Homework


This week's homework was to pick 20 of our
most "appealing" drawings from our class sessions.

When I think of the word "appeal,"
my mind immediately goes to Fred Moore.

It was tough trying to pick my favorites,
but I think I came up with my best ones.
Usually the ones that I thought were the
most appealing were also the most caricatured.

After that, we had to take five previous (or new)
drawings and try to make them more appealing.

Total drawing count: 25


4.11.14 - Cafe Sketch - Class Session

It was a two and a half hour bus ride west to Brucker Nature Center
in Troy, Ohio. By the time we got there, we were all ready to get off
the bus, which took us an extra hour to get there thanks to getting lost.

The center housed animals who were going through rehabilitation.
We got to sit with a snake, a screech owl, and an opossum for a few minutes each.
They also had varieties of birds along with a fox, skunk, and bobcat
along the nature trail at the back of the center.

Considering a number of the animals rarely changed pose,
it was more challenging to reach the 100 drawing goal.

In the end, it took an hour and a half to get back,
and it felt good to be on campus again.

Drawing count: 100


New Artwork & What's Next

It's been harder to stay active on this site,
so I'll show some of the things I've been doing.

All of my Sketch-A-Days are posted regularly
on my Facebook page and personal Tumblr.

Aside from classwork and my Sketch-A-Day,
I've been working on putting up new art

I'm also working on a Pokemon series for my shop,
starting with the first gen starters.

Progress so far:

And one last sketch for you guys:

Until then...

- Jinny

Zoo Trip! 4.4.14 - Cafe Sketch - Class Session

This week, we set out at 9am on a rainy Friday
and visited the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

We spent the day drawing the indoor animals--
elephants, rhinos, langur, leopards, fish, etc.
Thankfully, most of the animals were active,
especially the leopards, who were play fighting
and trying to pull a stick out of their hammock.

Overall, it was a fun drawing session!

Total drawing count: 104


3.30.14 - Cafe Sketch - Homework

For our homework this week, we had to take 50 previous gestures
and re-draw them, with the intent of focusing on Straights v.s. Curves.

Looking back at my gestures, I already put Straights v.s. Curves in most of them,
but this time I went for cleaner line and pushed them even more. I have the
Straights v.s. Curves rule ingrained into my mind and hand thanks to all the
art books I've read, especially Walt Stanchfield's and Tom Bancroft's.

Total drawing count: 50

3.28.14 - Cafe Sketch - Class Session

This week, we focused on wolves & dogs.
For the first session, we drew from reference photos of different canines.

After that, we were visited by the wolfdog, Lucian.
His owners from Ironwood Wolves let us draw him for an hour.
He even came up to us and let us pet him!

It was difficult capturing him since he was almost always on the move,
and often would go up to people and would be hard to see
from where we were sitting.

Total drawing count: 83

It was a ton of fun meeting a wolfdog and getting to draw
him from a few feet in front of us!

Hopefully we'll see him again.


Spring Break

I'm off school for this week. It's been relaxing.

I had a pretty creepy dream recently, so I did a concept
of one of the moments from my dream that really stood out to me:

And while I was at it, I did a lasso tool study of my living room:

Thanks for looking!